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Blog-Blog Blog-Blog.......Hello
Thursday, 26 January 2017 17:42

Hello indeed. I'm back. For the time being.

Yes folks I've finally answered the blog call after what seems like an age out. This will be my only blog this week unless you count Sunday when there will be another blog and then hopefully I'll be back to the unfashionable world of blogging again from Monday.

It's been a long while and now I type on a huge industrial sized Apple Mac as opposed to crappy lap tops that used to crash every two minutes and lose great stream of conciousness ramblings with nasty edges and spelling mistakes. Imagine how many people I could've upset if I didn't have an Acer.

It's all new and so is my life. Not that you give a fuck about my life and why should you??? Just to say that circumstances are as such that I selflessly want to just tell people like it is in this world of coal face comedy for fuck all money, just the experience of putting my blog out there in cyberspace for all you people to look at, freinds and enemies! There you are, my first exlamation mark in this new blog. Maybe it's not at the correct point but it's where twats would use the phrase lol so I'm more than happy with a !.

I now work less (I'd decided that during the week was no time to be on the road) on the circuit but put my own live gigs on, be they North East of England tours with a bit of lowland Scotland thrown in, one offs in theatres and art centres or the highlight of my 2016 The Footbaaaall Show, a show that me and Lee Kyle do every month at The Stand Newcastle. Our last one was witnessed by a grans total of 126 people two nights ago on a cold Tuesday. We're very proud of it and think that it's ridiculous at the same time.

While I've been away it's all gone a bit St. Nick's. Loads of comedy clubs are down to one night a week, dozens of promoters and comedians have either packed in or are doing it part time and a discernible amount of people in comedy have become basket cases. Facebook and twitter are largely to blame but a tool for marketing oneself has now become a place for people to be Khrushchev banging his shoe on a table, Enoch Powell deciding that it would be better if the brown folk went back home or David Icke talking about reptiles. Something I never thought I'd do was hate political correctness but now, thanks to deluded, spoilt narners I now hate it with a passion. The metropolitan culturarty are strangling any kind of individualism we've got and they bully people verbally to a genocidal level.

Anyway happy Thursday everyone. I'm away to Edinburgh Stand for three nights of stand up. I'd say it was the best room for comedy in the land and a great place for a drink with the wonderful staff afterwards.

Sports columns to follow along with more new stuff on the site.

First germ in your head May 1st. I'll be at Newcastle Stand doing the Newcastle leg of my tour. It's going to be filmed as well. Put it in your diaries. Till the next time.




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