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Gavin Webster - Standup Comedian

Go Go To Detention

Yes I remember it well, the silly, curly bonsed teacher with a rah rah right on voice doing a rock and roll number with the upper school female pupils on that much talked about children's programme Grange Hill. In reality when I was at Comprehensive school in the early 80s it was very much them and us and the idea of doing a rock and roll number with a trendy member of staff would have filled me with dread and fear and I would have felt that I was fraternising with the enemy like a woman in occupied France giving fruit and veg to German soldiers.

Not to worry, I'm 46 now and I still have that mistrust of authority despite lots of the teachers in my daughter's Secondary school being discernably younger than me. I'm still a punk and I'm still a pain in the arse to some people and am someone that they all wish wouldn't exist.

Right down to business. I've got some exciting broadcasting news coming up and other even bigger news in terms of creativity. The tour is going well, great night in Billingham at The Forum. Matty Reed was phenominal as support and the audience were stupendous as audiences go. It's the turn of Darlington on Sunday. After that it's Stanley at the end of the month, Hexham on November 12th and finally Whitley Bay on 20th November. Go tour go.

I'm in Southampton Thursday and London Friday and Saturday. It's a busy time ahead, I must get on, I'll tell you the big news maybe tomorrow and I'm still a pain in the arse to authority. Howay the lads.



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