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Gavin Webster - Standup Comedian

Goodbye Sunny Intervals

Thursday then the following Thursday, it’s definitely starting to slowly move again. Blog writing is awful then when you get in to it it’s sort of addictive. Should I be bothered about trying to hit the heights of last time or just be happy with a little following? I don’t know. Mind you, first person to complain about my writing, I’ll send them a DVD of exactly the sort of comedian they’d like through the post and maybe some lollies. This DVD of course wouldn’t be me as I’ve missed the DVD generation altogether due to not having a following. It’s not something I lament though looking back so upwards and onwards to getting my new piece of work embedded into people’s brain by some sort of Star Trek type molecular technology that your average football hater from Kingston Park salivates over.

It’s been quite a week. I was doing 3 nights at Edinburgh Stand and it was, shall we say chequered. Thursday was alright, I couldn’t really get going though, Friday was fairly flat as it was for every act on the bill and then I got ‘shot’ at the end by some bloke who shouted ‘tell a joke’ as he was leaving the building. I asked him to repeat what he’d said and his wife (or who knows it might have been his carer) then said ‘tell a joke’, I asked what kind of joke he’d like to which he replied ‘a funny one’. I did the old line of saying ‘there was an Englishman and Irishman and a Scotsman having a drink in a bar and they all agreed that you were a cunt’. It seemed to impress the bulk of the crowd that were still there because a round of applause was raised however there was only about 2 minutes to go and it wasn’t the sort of crowd that you would’ve done unpaid overtime for.

For what it’s worth Saturday was excellent, no pricks in the crowd, no cynicism and it all built nicely for me to have one of those lovely ebb and flow gigs with a growling attitude all the way through. Edinburgh Stand is still one of the best rooms there is, it’s got a crackle about it that very few rooms can match. That was me being sincere there, I must snap out of it.

Sunday was a memorable day gig-wise. I drove to Saddleworth to do a Q and A with Dave Johns about the film we were in ‘I Daniel Blake’ or IDB as Dave calls it. I don’t call it that, to me it makes it sound like a web browser or a chemical firm on Teesside. Anyway it was all for Oldham food bank and to be fair we raised a lot of money (watch out for sincerity again) which was a good feeling. During the Q and A I just felt a bit awkward like I was piggy backing on the film’s success. Mind you when questions were asked to both of us I might add, there was no need to compose myself and think of an answer because Radio Johns kicked in and I watched him do his IDB stories while I was just happy leaning on the monitor on stage.

The gig afterwards in the same venue was perhaps even more joyful than Edinburgh the previous night. I opened but it felt like a closer as the laughter flew back like thunder.

This week actually begins tomorrow in Birmingham where I’m doing Just The Tonic. I’m there Saturday as well and doubling up with a gig in Coventry on the Saturday. Nose to the grindstone and probably I reckon not a vintage weekend but fuck it it’s what I do.

Must get on, I’ve got industries to conquer.


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