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No Bisque In This Kitchen

Once again this lap top nay net book is getting so much on my tits. It's amazing how rock stars chucked tellys out of windows yet these modern electrical bastards are ten times more annoying and much lighter but you don't hear of rock stars today chucking net books or lap tops out of windows. That's because..........there's no fuckin rock stars today, simple as that. I think Malcolm Young was the last one.

This is my last day off this week before I head down to Southampton tomorrow to do a University gig for the first time in many a year. At almost 46 and I'm definitely the same age as the parents of the students now but I don't much care, it pays money and if they don't relate to me it's their loss. I bet I'm more of a free thinker than any of that lot. I obviously don't know that for certain but this is a belligerent, larger than life daily blog and if you don't like it you can fuck off.

No doubt there'll be a poster up on campus for the latest X Factor finalist coming to do a personal appearance and there'll be a designer clothes shop and a bar with bottles of Perroni on special offer or a Carlsberg sponsored gunky gunge two fingered forfeit night. I'll almost be disappointed if there isn't now.

Right I'm off. Keep the home fires burning. Oh I forgot to mention I'm doing a third series of 'Show What You Wrote' on Radio 4. It's being recorded in Manchester in November and it transmits in December. Good one eh! That's a third radio series I've been involved in now. I got up to series 3 of 'Walk On The Wild Side' on BBC1 and then on CBBC but never a 4th. Most people are involved in only 1 series of anything so it's champagne time as soon as I can afford the champagne.

Right I'm definitely off now. I've got books to do, contracts to sign, forms to fill in and treadmills to walk on. The Geordies went on holiday they went to Budapest.



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