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Gavin Webster - Standup Comedian

That's Me Out Of Breath

I'm full of the joys of Autumn at the minute and then in five minutes time I'll be as pissed off as anyone in Autumn is supposed to be in that Autumn is supposed to be by it's very nature a depressing time because we're told it is. I don't know what the British obsession with the Summertime is all about to be honest. I've never got this even as a kid. It's never good weather in this country anyway whatever good weather is but in that Victorian sense of a lovely day be it spring or summer or harvest (all to do with some sort of thanks to God the Englishman in the sky) it's never as warm as a proper warm country with a proper Summer like Southern France or Spain, Germany or Italy. So with all that, I like the English Autumn and to think we pretty much have Scottish Autumns up here and of course Autumn is when I start earning again and getting the bandwagon back rolling. Right we're off.

I had a couple of nights off last night and the night before and was supposed to be playing football last night but it was cancelled due to floodlight failure. To be fair that wouldn't have happened in the Summer as the sunlight would have seen us through. Inefficient Britain eh!

Tonight I travel to Dumfries to entertain a pub crowd. It's another smash and grab gig that is synonamous with a comedian's life. Hopefully it'll be a half decent one. Back in the day travelling 6 hours wasn't really a problem, nowadays though if it's two hours away it better be a good gig!!

It's a funny old week this week, I'm local on Thursday, at Colchester Arts Centre on Friday, Whirlow Farm near Sheffield on Saturday doing a Bangers and Beer or Beer and Bangers comedy show (Jazz Blues no more Blues Jazz) and then the 'World Tour' starts in earnest on Sunday night at Billingham Forum. Obviously there are still tickets available being that it's a 600 seater and I'm not exactly a crowd puller in Teesside but hopefully it'll be a nice night and a nice start to the first World Tour. Upwards and onwards. I'm off for a drink of water. Yes I've sold my soul to punk.



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