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Gavin Webster - Standup Comedian

The Corby Trouser Press Is Offensive To Feminists

Just thought I'd throw that out there. It's never been quoted as a fact or anything but you know how rumours start. No doubt a UKIP councillor will probably mention it in a diatribe about women, people will be aghast about it for two day and then forget about the whole thing and then Britain can carry on running in that wonderful dysfunctional way it always has.

Apologies for no blog for a couple of days, I wrote a fuckin great one on Thursday but the bastards seemed to delete it all with no back up as I was about to post it and I got incredibly pissed off and refused to write another one. Petulance yes, but erm....yes it's just petulance.

Having shite to deal with as far as promoters go but I'll save it for the book. In the meantime I did a great gig in Dumfries on Tuesday. Full details earlier this week but it got FUCKIN WIPED! Anyway on Thursday I did a secret gig on Tyneside and it was a great laugh. A young feller called Joby was on who was very funny who apparently I met ten years ago at the same venue but I can't remember. It's alright Joby I only remember the ones who fuck me over or owe me money!!

Last night was a long old trip to Colchester but it was well worth it. I was at Colchester art centre, a gig I've been doing for 15+ years. I compered and it was a fine gig and both acts did well. This is surely the future isn't it??? Nice people in art centres laughing at well thought out witty material that is funny, that's very important it's funny stuff. My compering is okay but nowt spectacular but some of the routines got big laughs and that saw me through.

I'll boldly say that the stag and hen Saturday night model is fucked. It's fucked to shit and I'd advise any comedian not to do it. There's no future in it. Maybe I'm that cunt out of Decca that said to Brian Epstein that guitar bands are on the way out and I'll look an idiot in a few years when Nightclub Nick becomes the biggest comedian in the country with his specific stag and hen based humour. A horrible thought but I'll hold my hand up if I'm wrong about it being knackered. So here is the statement. 'The Friday/Saturday night large single sex group booking comedy club is in it's death throes, I won't miss it, in fact I'll dance on it's fancy dress grave'. To think, I once saw a comment online saying that I did loads of 'stag and hen shit' at the Hyena. If I ever meet the prick who wrote that, I'll kill him and all his family and do loads of weak observational stuff at their corpses before the police come and arrest me.

Right I'm doing a gig at a farm in Yorkshire tonight. Fuck knows mate!! Speak tomorrow.



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