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Another nervy win for the Mags. In front of the live Sky TV audience we pretty much bored Villa to death for a three points that edges us ever closer the finishing line that I’m sure we’ll collapse over just ahead of our nearest rivals. It changes fuck all for me. I’ve very much fallen out of love with that football club. I never felt the same about the place when first of all the Halls decided it was for the affluent only back in the 90s with their Sporting Club, Platinum Club, shift people to different part of the ground Club and so on. My pain was eased a bit when the Bobby Robson regime came into being and Fat Freddy despite his flaws had control of a football club that seemed to have some soul again. However the knife was driven in further when amazingly Bobby was sacked and replaced by Graeme Souness (only at Newcastle).

 This lot however take the biscuit. I’ve said all I’ve had to say about the Ashley regime while I had a Mag column and my opinion doesn’t change one iota. I’m not paying money for tickets to home games while this low life is owning the place. We’re going nowhere under him and the people taken in by his rhetoric will realise this once again when we wallow near the bottom of the Premiership next season and Rafa is replaced by Martin Allen, or maybe Joe Kinnear for another spell.





Ranieri gone. The only surprise for me is that there’s no surprise. Nothing surprises me in football anymore. See the column above as to how it’s become just a business and that staying in the top division and not worrying the big boys is the mantra and anything else is sacrilege to the football business bible. I’ve noticed however the Leicester fans quite rightly don’t get blamed for this. If this had been Newcastle there’s no doubt the Southern based media would’ve managed to turn it round and come up with the conclusion that it was the deluded supporters with their unrealistic ambitions hounding out the manager and wanting him replaced with one of their messiahs etc. etc. Some of us never forget what the bastards are like.





A positive story. Newcastle Benfield 0 South Shields 1, Sam Smith’s Park, Benfield Road, a cold Wednesday night. There was three and a half hundred fans there, mainly Shields supporters and it was vital they get a win to keep the pressure on North Shields at the top. This one wasn’t going to be easy though as Benfield are a good mid table side, strong, physical, mobile and possessing one of the great Geordie goalscorers of his time Paul Brayson. In a brilliant game, honestly I’ve never seen a proper tight game of football like it for some time, Shields nicked it with a fairly piss weak header at the back stick from a corner with just a couple of minutes left. There was a bit of niggle and it spilled over at the final whistle between players. Proper passion and real edge, something long gone with the gymnastic leagues that everyone watches in abundance every weekend.

 I’m hoping for some kind of football apocalypse, 3-400 people in a ground off Benfield Road isn’t going to change much but you never know, the Labour Party started in the back room of a pub. Oh by the way well done to the residents of the area for getting the bloody police out to stop cars from parking in the streets nearby. A set of coppers were diverting us away from the ground. You’d think the coppers might have better things to do like going half a mile down the road to Walker to raid illegal tab hooses or stop one-man crime waves from making people’s lives a misery rather than be at the beck and call of a few resident’s committees from the Persimmon Homes brigade. I bet those fuckers that complained have season tickets at The Sports Direct Arena. Sorry this started positive but ended up a rant. Anyway despite everything good luck to both clubs, I’ll keep being a regular visitor to Benfield as I don’t live far away, support your local non league club wherever you are!!





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