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Gavin Webster - Standup Comedian

MP3 Clips to Download

DownloadNamePlay Length
downloadTrack 1
(Gavin Webster)

0:10 min
downloadTrack 2
(Gavin Webster)

0:35 min
downloadTrack 3
(Gavin webster)

0:30 min
downloadTrack 4
(Gavin Webster)

7:28 min
downloadTrack 5
(Gavin Webster)

2:25 min
downloadTrack 6
(Gavin Webster)

4:55 min

This is the first 5 tracks taken from the CD that you can buy online or at any of my gigs

If your computer cant understand what to do with these MP3 sound files, visit Apple and download the latest QuickTime Player for free for either the PC or MAC.

MP3 Sample (Small for quick listening)
35 seconds (0.5mb)


MP3 Sample (larger for Broadband)
7 Mins and 29 secs (7mb)

There are 19 tracks in total on the cd, most are much longer than the tracks you can hear as samples.


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